Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Episode 01-Musical Cinema

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Join Chris, John, Steph, and me as we take a wonderful journey through the sound of Musical Cinema. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Introduction: 0: 00-1:38
Sweeney Todd Review: 1:39-7:41
Once- 7:42-16: 07
Spinal Tap Review: 16:08-25:24
Hairspray Review: 25:26-32:45
Phantom of the Paradise Review 32:45-40:51

Top Five Musical Monuments: 40:52-59: 34

A anticlimactic End 59:35-105: 22

Our Next show will be released on or around Jan. 30 2008. We will be discussing “Misunderstood” films where we will review 300, The Last Action Hero, Hudson Hawk
Hackers, and Short Circuit 2

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Chris JC said...


Emily said...

You think your so cool with your first commednt. I'll do you one better.....

second lol

Chris JC said...

Man, I DO go out of sync don't I? I think I know what's up - I've tried to use a more professional program than my computer is happy with using - I've had trouble with it before.

Also, I'm gonna have to stop using that headphone microphone - all you can hear throughout the podcast is me breathing and making little noises while I move - I sound like some kind of omnipresent audio pervert.

Emily said...

Well, theres nowhere else to go but up hehe

stephsmith said...

Chris answered Emily's question before it was even asked. lol

Chris JC said...

Would that be the "Rob Reiner" answer?

Guys - next time I'm going to be harsher on errors - as it's by far the biggest problem I have with That Other Podcast. I expect the same treatment when I make a howling error.

Now to promote this sod.

Emily said...

For the record, other podcast that doesn't' even know this podct exists.....I love that podcast haha

rage10586 said...

what do you mean harsher on errors like when i said hairspray was written by john woods

Chris JC said...

Yes, and where I referred to a actress called J. D. Souther, even though J. D. Souther is a country singer and occasional actor. Silly me!

Also: Helena Bonham Carter.

3heroes said...

yeah sorrya bout that.

Well heres what one does. You simply correct the other person, pick up the last line, and start over. I delete the screw up lol.