Friday, February 1, 2008

Cue the Film 02 - There Just So Misunderstood

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So, we're a day late but here we are. In this episode, Chris, Steph, John, and me discuss some misunderstood films.

We start out with some Hackers, and journey forth to a discussion of the film 300, where Chris reveals his fetish for sweaty naked Greek guys, and his secret new podcast about nipples.

We review Huntson Hawk, and the brillent Short Circit 2. We also have a epiic oreview of Lady in the Water.

We go over some news, and discuss our top five overated Actors.

So, grab a bowl of popcorn, sit back,a dn don't forget to take your potty break, your in for a long, but hopfuly, entertaining ride.

Next week will be a bonus episode devoted to the oscars. The week after that will be our reguer show, where we will discuss. Blaxploitation films.

Believe it or not (I still can't) we will review, Shaft in Africa, Dolemite, Superfly, I'm Gonna Git you sucka, Coffy, and jackie Brown.

We will also do our top five "fly". actors.

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stephsmith said...

Good job, Ems.

Chris JC said...

I'm glad to have spread my love of Short Circuit 2 to one more person, Emily.

You'll be watching The Wizard of Speed and Time before too long has passed - I promise thee.

Chris JC said...

Folks - I'm sorry about the almighty THWACK of me throwing down my headset almost every time Cloverfield pokes its way into the conversation.

Emily said...

You'd be surprised how much of it I did edit out though Chris ahahaha

Chris JC said...

Hang on...

We forgot to do The Last Action Hero!

Emily said...

Chris, rwe decided not to do that one before recording lol.

Chris JC said...

I was probably too busy trying not to have Cloverfield ruined ;)

MB said...

Hey CTF - still finishing up listening to ep. 1 - lovin' it. I'm sure I'll have plenty of crap (read: opinions) to spew soon. Just wanted to give a shout out first

Chris JC said...

In the spirit of episode one, I will reply to your opinions before you ask them:

a) it's exaggerated slightly
b) four hours
c) mostly Emily
d) thanks for saying so
e) Tom Baker
f) Colin Baker
g) fluffy puppies and walks in the rain
and finally
h) "Staying Out for the Summer" by Dodgy

MB said...

lemme see if i can take a crack at those questions - Jeopardy style (sort of):

1) What is Chris' LEVEL of interest in ancient hellenistic nudity
2) how long will each episode of "The Nipple Podcast" average? (the NipCast)
3) who of the CTF crew does the most to ensure a healthy skepticism about M. Night Shymalan's talent
4) How is it you 4 can be so f-in awesome?
5) Who is Tom Baker's father's son?
6) Which Doctor was kind enough to have his wardrobe manufactured by the blind (I can only assume)
7) What two things does the Wicked Witch of the West of Oz HATE!
8) Name a hit by an English powerpop rock trio that rose to prominence during the 90s with the word Summer in it.

Chris JC said...

This is why I shouldn't interrupt, as I got all of those wrong. Let me have another go:

a) growing bigger all the time (also: 300%)
b) not long enough
c) McFlicks the Movie Dog
d) subcutaneous deposits of Kryptonite
e) John Baker - and Tom Baker's father's daughter is Lulu Baker - CHECK IT!
f) Doctor Jack Shepherd. Beard and all.
g) Matt and Gunnar Nelson
h) Dunno, but I can do you "Sunburn" by Brit power trio Muse, if that's close enough.

rage10586 said...

hey mb thanks for the props besure to leave an itunes review if you can

Trevor McFur said...

There's one big name I think you all forgot on your all overrated list: Samuel L. Jackson. It pains me to say it, because he played my favorite character in my favorite all-time movie, Pulp Fiction, but I think that, as an dramatic actor, that film was the worst thing that could have ever happened to him (although, in terms of his pocketbook, it's probably the best thing that ever happened to him). But anyway, he's basically been playing a variant on the same character in almost every movie since. You get either Angry Samuel L. Jackson, like Angry Jules early in Pulp Fiction, or Wise Teacher Samuel L. Jackson, like Wise Jules late in Pulp Fiction. What's a shame is that, when he's done something different, like Black Snake Moan, he's been good, so he probably does have some range, he just chooses to stay in his comfort zone.

Great calls on Nicholas Cage and Matthew McConaughy ... it's hard to believe either of those guys were ever considered good actors.

Chris JC said...

But Sam has personality; personality goes a long way.

Trevor McFur said...

That's true, actually ... I should add that, even though he's been doing it for 15 years, I love that Angry Sam Jackson character. It would just be nice to see him stretch a bit.