Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cue the Film 09 - Attack of the Killer Boob!

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Yeah, sorry folks weâ??re so late! Anyway, we're here and back on sechdule, again. Sorry for the delay, folks. Nonetheless, may we present Cue the Film Podcast episode nine!

We discuss Films that time forgot,. We talk about Bill and Tedâ's Bogus Journey, Freaked, Bettie Paige, it??s a Mad mad Mad world, and Biobome Stay tuned to hear our rants, our debates, our cries, and our discussion aobut boobs!

We lead into a Directors cut that starts out as a discussion of Comic book movies,a nd somehow moves into a debate about bringing food into the Movies.

We have a great bit of feedback to go over. Then, we lead into a very long apology list to every podcast we may have ever offended.

We formally apologize to
The Hollywood Saloon, Destroy all Media, and 3 Heroes TV ¦just to plug ourselves.

Promos provided by The
Galactica Quorum and Der Geek

Thanks for the kind reviews on itunes, to Tony from 99 points podcast and Patti from The Tarot Corner

A week from Friday we will have our Foreign Film review. We will review Paris I love you, Old Boy, One of the Vengeance Films (maybe), Pan's Labyrinth, City of Lost Children, Seven Samurai, and Persepolis

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Flawedprefect said...

Well about bloody time, too. Hey I just wrote you a good review on iTunes. Here's the secret on how to see it (because I doubt many of you subscribe to the Aussie music store):

1. Sign out of your account on iTunes.

2. On the home page, scroll down to the bottom, and select 'Australian" from the music store menu.

3. Type in "cue the film" in your search

4. Navigate to the podcasts page, select the cue the film podcast from selection

5. Read the review

6. All Hail Paul.

Message Ends.

Chris JC said...

"The Seven Samurai", not "7th Samurai".

Paul, that advice is good for all podcasters - Dharmalars and The Lost Initiative could see some more positive reviews by flipping over to the UK iTunes store.

Chris JC said...

All Hail P-...


Stephanie said...

As a matter of fact, It's Seven Samurai, without the The.

Chris JC said...


Thankfully, FOUR STARS is much easier to remember.

Flawedprefect said...

... I didn't want to go into "raving fanboy" territory! Four Stars hat wonderful higher-than-average-middle-ground that doesn't seem like your mother voted for you cos you asked her to.
*sigh* okaaaaaaay if I can change I will. Smeg...

Flawedprefect said...

Oops, can't change it. I thought using words like "chortle" "mirth" and "glee" would have made up for it.

Oh well.

Should have said "yeah! Cos it's SOOO good! Definitely better than THREE STARS".

They should really get a samurai rating on there, cos then it could go up to SEVEN... altho Six and a half would look pretty wierd...

Chris JC said...

Paul - as Kath would say, I was using yumour.

Look at mooooiye!

Chris JC said...

For greater clarity, four stars is MORE than generous.

I've just realised how cool I was during the new show - not only did I mention Texas local kids' TV presenter Mr Peppermint, but also tall actor Ted Cassidy however managed to not mention that my band have a track that samples both of them available on iTunes.

I'm quite laid back with my pimping.

I've decided that the over-arching theme of this episode of Cue The Film is Bostonian rock band Extreme. Get the Funk Out!

Flawedprefect said...

oh YUMOUR! Now I get it. Alas, us poor Aussies can only aspire to your level of effluence.

I love Kath and Kim's ad lib banter at the end of each episode. I cracked up when they were both reading the Da Vinci Code.

I pray more Aussies write reviews! I shall keep my eye out and let you know.

Chris JC said...

"your level of effluence"


Stephanie said...

Persepolis isn't out on DVD yet, folks.

Chris JC said...

It's showing at my local cinema, but I'm terrified that even that will cost £9.45.

I've just checked, and it does - all day. Including the morning showing.

Chris JC said...

I am a dunce and have missed a recording. I'm assuming the guys went ahead and so you'll have one without me waffling on in it. You may even find you prefer this.

Hey, Paul - look what I got here!

"He copped a bullet in the tongue"

For everyone else: Opening titles.

And, heck, for the full set - here's the UK's attempt at doing fake vintage genre TV nearly ten years later:

But featuring Moss and Douglas Reynholm from The IT Crowd.

Stephanie said...

Chris, who collects pigs? You or your wife? That's funny. I thought that was exclusive to us folks in the South. Roosters are big here too. I've seen apples too. A friend of mine from high school collects cows.

Chris JC said...

Ah, those would be the NatWest Piggies (made by Wade) - they were part of a child's bank account run by the National Westminster Bank when I was younger - you'd get a new Piggie for each milestone passed as an incentive for passing:

Woody (shhh) was the one you got for opening the account with £1

Annabel followed with £25 saved

Maxwell was the £50 pig

Lady Hilary was sent when you reached £75 and, of course

Sir Nathaniel Westminster was sent when you reached £100

I just got him in time, too, as after that they changed the account to a late 80s groovy environmental account called "World Savers" and sent out medallion coin things with animals on. Nowhere near as good as the Piggies.

A few years ago you could have sold the whole set for about £250 but after people learnt this they flooded the market with them, so the value was about £170 the last time I looked. They ain't going anywhere yet, though.

Also, just visible at the right hand side of those shelves is Shaolin Jim, but from that angle you can't see his amazing medallion.

Chris JC said...

In fact, here is a World Savers coin.


Chris JC said...

Triple post:

If you're bold enough to want to try to make out the few DVDs you can see in the background there, you'll get a microcosm of my viewing habits.

PalmerEldritch said...

wow. i'm utterly confused by the conversation here but i'm saying hello anyway. i'm enjoying the podcast. so, keep it up!


Chris JC said...

Thanks, sir. It's best to get in at the start of one of these. I've confused the issue by displaying an Australian DVD for the nostalgic thrill of Paul, who is Ein Australian his-self and from there it's turned into a ceramic pig discussion.

It does flow, though, if you give it a chance.

I'm editing, right now, a new mini episode, so be ready for that.

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flawedprefect said...

"... on that bombshell!"

That was an Alan Partridge reference, just to keep these segues completely offcourse... HAHAHHA - Funky Squad! Have you got any Barge-Arse?

Chris JC said...

I'm afraid Barge-Arse was lost on me.

I tell you what though, that Funky Squad has introduced me to the old Uncle Sam Deodorant advert which might be the best thing ever filmed:


Flawedprefect said...

Barge-Arse is basically a 1970s cop show that they dubbed voices over - no new acting at all. So they made lots of fart jokes, fat cop jokes, and voice gags all over authentic footage. The scene that summed it up for me was: Barge-Arse is sitting on the edge of a desk. Thin Cop enters room. Barge-Arse farts, shifts his position and says "Want some Souvlaki? I warmed it up for ya" Reaches behind him and holds out a plate of something. All the footage was real, but all the fart sound effect and it's pure hilarity.

Chris JC said...

Sir, that sounds excellent.