Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cue the Film presents - "Million Sons"

Stephanie and Chris are proud to finally present "Million Sons". And now, Chris is proud to present: an apology.

This was recorded nearly three weeks ago, but a combination of factors led to it not being fully edited until a few days ago, at which point my internet stopped working. So while it may not really be in time to rile you up to go and see Son of Rambow on the big screen, hopefully it'll make you interested in the DVD release. Oh, and go and rent Millions, obviously.

The finished article is a little long for a splice, despite the 20+ minutes edited out of it, but hey - after all that delay, consider it bonus material.

And now, some links to help you enjoy this podcast some more:

Son of Rambow trailer (can't find a Millions trailer that works)
Creative Screenwriting's Son of Rambow Q&A
Blur - Coffee & TV
Exclusive Brethren
"Screen Test" - with theme tune I edited out my vocal version of, and Jan Pinkava's film.
Eric Sykes
"Dirty Gingers"
Redhead extinction
Ooberman - Million Suns

And, finally, after even more delay reading that lot - the podcast is available HERE.


Chris JC said...

I have now seen "The Game".


Stephanie said...


Crappy Hollywood ending.

Stephanie said...

Excellent, Chris.

Chris JC said...

I suppose it could be viewed as a Hollywood ending. Problem is I think it's MEANT to be a surprise in the end, even though it isn't.

I've already seen The Parralax View and Total Recall so much of what The Game had to offer was none too surprising. Hope you enjoy the show, Stephanie. I still prefer the Joy Division one, but they were films that are easier to talk about without fear of ruining the plot as the story is generally well known.

Everyone else - feel our enthusiasm, damn it.

As for those sex scenes in Lust, Caution...

Oh my.

Chris JC said...

Parallax.... obviously

elias said...

get it right!

elias said...

only joshing, Barley-hater ;)

I'll listen to this episode now.

Chris JC said...

I didn't quite get your subject line gag, Elias.

Obviously I know who the fella is, but I didn't really put the rest of it together.

Does it rely on "allegations"?

elias said...

A detail in News of the Screws story was the existence of a tub of Disney videos in his Sri Lankan dungeon.


Chris JC said...

My word. That's the most alleged thing I've heard all day.

elias said...

Great Film Splice - I want to see Millions now.

Chris JC said...

I just totally lucked into it on iPlayer - it must have been on TV not long before, and presumably was a BBC production, otherwise it wouldn't have shown up at all.

It's not there now though.

It was, indeed, Boyle's film between 28 Days Later and Sunshine. Splendid.

Chris JC said...

Millions is also available in print.

And by the same writer as the screenplay, no less.

andrew. said...

- Another excellent 'film splice' guys.
- It was a smart pairing of "Son Of Rambow" & "Millions". They do share both the creative energy of the main character & non-condescending portrayal of a child's perspective. Also, i'm just geeked because I love "Millions" and i'm happy that other people have seen it.
- Parallax View is a great movie, sort of an updated "Manchurian Candidate" but it becomes a complete mess in the last 1/4. Still, it's my favorite Warren Beatty movie.
- Inspired by your podcast, i'm going to try to come up with a Top 5 for movies with central child characters that don't condescend to 5 year olds.

PalmerEldritch said...

excellent episode, chris and steph.

when i saw the "Millions" DVD case at my friend's house, i considered mercy killing him as i assumed it was something like the movie Blank Check. anyhow, thanks for saving my friend's life from my own unforgiving hands. i may just have to borrow that "Millions" DVD now.

and was that a Bionica Jones reference? fantastic.

Chris JC said...

Did that make it through my exhaustive editing process? Awesome.

You have ruined my mind, Palmer.

Sorry to audio nutters for some of the sound stutters in this - it was an attempt to reduce Skype echo and background sound via automation, but it didn't really work - I will have a go at doing it manually next time.

Chris JC said...

New podcast up, but blog not updated.

Remember to refresh your iTunes and similar, folks.