Monday, June 30, 2008

"Evil Happening" - a CTF Splice

It's Splice Time again, and we offer you another "mini episode" that leans towards the maxi side of things, as John, Stephanie and Chris discuss the three 2002 films which comprise the so-called Robin Williams Triptych of Evil.

  • Death to Smoochy

  • Insomnia

  • One Hour Photo

And after that, and a few diversions along the way (courtesy of Doctor Who, and Nigerian 419 scammers), we expound on a groundbreaking theory about M. Night Shyamalan's "intense" new movie, The Happening - that it might actually be a good film after all. Not all of us are convinced.

Featured Shyamalan interview from the Vegas Film Critic.
More Nigerian scambaiting at

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Alirio said...

Feels good to be first...

Happy Canada Day!

Chris JC said...

Trés bon!

I REALLY must stop trying to do that.

Oh, and listeners - while in the podcast, I refer to Film4 as a "studio" - I of course meant to say "production company".

Or in other words: duh.

MB said...

Really enjoying the splice guys and gal! Have not considered seeing "Death to Smoochy" until now - you guys have convinced me (...someday - lol)
I'm 48 mins in and, while I agree that Mike Myers hasn't branched out much, I was quite impressed with him in "54" (1998), and according to the "Innacurate" Movie Database ;) he is in production on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which interests me - REALLY hope they don't turn it into a full on comedy), and a Keith Moon (of The Who) biopic.

So perhaps he'll become a bit more interesting of an actor. Since "54" I've had the idea that he's a better actor than his role choices have displayed thus far (and I am a fan).

Trevor McFur said...

Hey Guys--

I'm a new listener and am really enjoying the show. Like I said on the SAS blogspot, I'm about 8 months behind on my podcasts, so maybe I'll catch up by the time next year's Oscars are announced. I have some opinions on your early shows, so I'm tempted to go back to those threads and start posting, but I figure that no one will read them. :)

Trevor McFur said...

What I also like is the fact that all of your voices are so distinct, and also so distinctly different from each other ... it makes for an enjoyable aural experience.

Chris JC said...

Awesome, Trevs.

I dont' know about anyone else, but I'm Gmail subscribed to all those old threads, I think, so any comment that gets posted in them will come to me and probably many others - so go nuts.

Chris JC said...

BBFC have just rated a new Director's Cut DVD of Alex Proyas's "Dark City" - with commentary from... Roger Ebert.


Alirio said...

Loved the splice folks!

Keep the shows coming...

I saw Death to Smootchie when it first came out on DVD. LOVE that movie!

Soo glad you guys agree.

Off to work...

Emily said...

Chris, I think your wrong about something about the happening. the trees were killing people because the humans were hurting it.

Plus the film sucks. If it tries to be a B movie, it does a horrible job. Its not fun. Its stupid, running from the wind? Running from the wind?? The acting is horrible, and the characters are just plan stupid, "Oh, I went out with a guy for desert"...are you kidding me?

Your wrong, I'm right lolAJohn you were tlaking about Mike from Let's wacth movies, and he was RIGHT

Chris JC said...

And the Reapers from Firefly/Serenity are stolen hook, line and sinker from Ghosts of Mars but I don't go on and on about it :D

Also - old Battlestar Galactica theme tune was better.

And best Doctor is Sylvester McCoy.


Emily said...

The problem isn't the sickness, its how they deal with it in a preachy, over long way. What they should have done was explore the physiology of it. Maybe they could have shown the isolation of people trying to survive, or even more interesting, they could have shown people try to fight off the sickness cone they got it

Instead it was jjust a movie that said "look at what we can do with a rated R movie". The climax is a waste.

Night Shyamalan does want to be some sort of classic director. He thinks his films mean more than they do. In the clip you played, he said he thinks that the people in the house represent this and this. He says his next film will be the next Star Wars.

Chris JC said...

You do recall that I didn't like it, right? ;)

New main episode coming soon!