Friday, October 31, 2008


Take a trip through the Halloween film series, from John Carpenter's 1978 original up to Rob Zombie's grimy 2007 reimagining, with Chris and Dellamorte of Codex Machine and iBreaks Radio, and a special call from friend of the show, Patti.

You can find Dellamorte's latest show here -

Equal in length to the longest Halloween film (the Producer's Cut of The Curse of Michael Myers, naturally), you certainly get good value for no money.

Music taken from the Halloween series, composed by John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, John Ottman, Danny Lux and Tyler Bates, as well as rock hits from the series. Classy.

Listen HERE.


Passafist said...

Wow.... This is the first time anyone has had something nice to say about Halloween 3. WOW!! I'm Gobsmacked!!

Chris JC said...

It's beginning to be reappraised.

We are brave enough to praise Halloween III and deride H20. This is generally not done.

john dimery said...

i have never seen halloween nowi want to

Chris JC said...

Pick a long night and watch the first three.

In your underwear, for the full vulnerability experience.

Chris JC said...

Did you ever watch any of them, John?

Chris JC said...

Or not?

Chris JC said...

Perhaps we shall never know.

I love the timing of my last few comments.

Chris JC said...

I suspect I might carry on doing this for as long as is possible. Maybe some future internet types will pull this off the Wayback Machine or something and be impressed that I kept coming back every year.

But then they'll see that I have written this and be disgusted that I seem to be cynically in it for the attention of future people that I don't know. Ah well. Happy Halloween!

Chris JC said...

Oh, no! I missed last year! Happening Halloweeny Business, folks!