Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cue the Film 31 - Stephen King: From Book to Film

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This week, Emily, Tosus, John, and Robert take a look at films based on Stephen King books.

We review Carrie, 1408, The Shineing, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Pet Cemetery, and Secret Window.

Our next reguler show will be released in two weeks. We will discuss Mockumentaries. We will review A Mighty Wind, CB-4, Confederate States of America, Best in Show, and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

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Henrik said...

There are three scenes in horror movies I have great difficulty watching. One of them is that cut in Pet Semetary.

1408 was very amusing until he goes into the room. Then it was absolute crap.

Secret Window is The Dark Half. The difference is in SW the other guy doesn't exist, but in TDH he does.

Did you know The Shining is about 30 minutes shorter outside of the US? That's the version I grew up on.

About Mockumentaries: I've got problems watching the improvised ones like Best In Show, but CB4 (and Fear Of A Black Hat) is absolutely awesome, at least if you're my age and was completely into hiphop at that time. I know they're both grounded in Spinal Tap but that movie's never really done it for me.
Forgotten Silver is a classic. Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings) did a documentary on a fictional filmmaker who supposedly invented talkies and color film but was forgotten. It was screened on New Zealand TV in the regular documentary slot, revealing it was fake only the next day. Many people were very upset that they had been fooled!

Henrik said...

Oh, I also forgot one thing. You said that 1408 is the second to latest King adaptation and that The Mist is the latest. Just released is Dolan's Cadillac, based on a short story starring Christian Slater. It's a thin story spread over too many minutes and not much happens in it, and the ending takes forever. Do not watch.