Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cue the Film 32 - Mockumentaries

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Rob, Tosus, Emily, and John reunite to discuss Mockumentaries. They talk about CB-4, A Mighty Wind, Best In Show, Drop Dead Gorgus, and Borat.

Due to Dragoncon, our next reguler show will be released on Sep. 15th. Our theme will be Over hyped Films. We will review Waterworld, Twilight, Blair Which Project, Godzilla, and Pearl Harbor.

We will see you next week for a District 9 splice. Thanks for listening, and have a great week.

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Henrik said...

Regarding The Shining edits (from IMDb):

"When released theatrically in the United States, the film ran approx. 146 minutes. However, as explained above, three weeks into it's release, Kubrick cut the 2 minute coda from the end of the film, reducing its length to 144 minutes. After meeting with poor reviews and erratic box office, Kubrick decided to further edit the film for it's theatrical release outside the US. He cut approximately 31 minutes of footage, reducing the length to 113 minutes. The 144 minute 'US version' is often erroneously called the Director's Cut when in fact director Kubrick regarded the 113 minute version as the superior cut of the film. When the film was released on home video in the US, Kubrick endorsed the shorter version of the film as the 'official' version."

*WE* don't edit anything. :D In fact, we often get your unrated versions in the cinemas. My favourite example is how American Pie unrated is actually rated G in Sweden. No lie. Why? Because sex and language is ok, and violence isn't. In the US it's the other way round...

You pronounce Henrik just fine, unless you're able to do the rolling r. Pretend it's russian or something. ;)