Monday, August 10, 2009

Star Trek: The Final Fronteir - a CTF Splice

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Due to scheduling conflicts, we bring to you another splice in the Star Trek Splice Series.

Robert and Emily are joined by David from The Lost Community and The Devil's Advocate Podcast,, and theJDman from The JDma Experience to discuss Star Trek V: The Final Frontier..

We sing Row Row Row your boat, while some of us try to redeem this film to a point it probably doesn't deserve. '

Don't ask me, I am just the show notes. No one ever asks me what I think. I'm just a box of text. But I have feelings too, you know!

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Henrik said...
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Henrik said...

It was fun hearing you all saying it's the second worst Star Trek film, while picking it apart you seemed to like a lot of its parts. I guess as a whole it's just not a good film.