Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cue the Film 33 - Overhyped Films

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The Cue Ball crew is back and back with vengeance with it's first episode in a month

This week we talk about over hyped films. We discuss Titanic, Twilight, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla, and Waterworlded.

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Henrik said...

Interesting topic, as it made me realize that I tend to shy away from films with too much hype - or I'm just too good at seeing through their crap.
I saw Titanic when it came out on video, together with 2 other guys and 3 girls. Us guys laughed mockingly at it throughout to the girls dismay. Absolute crap. Crap, crap, crap. You know, the story isn't even about the Titanic. It could have been set on any boat - but name it the most well-known ship of all time and bingo - revenue. Kates tits doesn't even help - she showed them in every movie back then anyway.

Godzilla... umm, yeah. I've pretty much forgotten every frame of it anyway. Whatever.

The others, I haven't even seen. I've no interest in seeing them, not even for educational purposes.

And the popculture reference for Pearl Harbour you were thinking of: Team America: World Police.

Chris JC said...

"Godzilla... umm, yeah. I've pretty much forgotten every frame of it anyway."

Even this one?

Henrik said...

Point taken, but I do remember all the shots in the trailer and the promotional shots like that one - but not the actual movie!