Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cue the Film 37 - Based On a Story by Phillip K. Dick

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The Cue Ball crew explore discuss films based on stories by Phillip K. Dick. We talk about Total Recall, Screamers, Minority Report, Paycheck, Next, and A Scanner Darkly. Visit our blog at Email us at Have a great week and thanks for listening!

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Henrik said...

I'm amazed how Emily keeps saying "No, I haven't seen it". :D
All of those films are great. I even liked Paycheck. The scene with the bike in A Scanner Darkly is hilarious.

Brian "Arkle" Webber said...

A shame I never get invited on this show anymore. Was my Star Trek III commentary really that bad? ;-)

Emily said...

Brian--you are always welcome on the show. How's your schedule :)

Brian "Arkle" Webber said...

Changes from week to week. That's 7-Eleven for ya.

Emily said...

We're doing our next show at 3pm est. a week from Monday if you want to join us. It's the theme of Dysfunctional families. We have not worked out the whole list but I know we are doing What's Eating Gilbert Grape, the Royal Tenenbaums, and the Breakfast Club.

Brian "Arkle" Webber said...

Hmm. Haven't seen Tennenbaums or Gilbert Grape, plus I don't know if I have that day free yet (they are really slow about getting our schedule up at work).