Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cue the Film 04 - Blaxploitation

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Yeah, yeah Yeah , we’re late, we’re late. Ah well. Better late then never? This is take two of Ep. 4 of the Cue the Film Podcast….the first was blown up by Rambo whenhe found out we thought Shaft would so kick his butt.

This week we talk about Blaxploitation films. We Review Super fly, Jackie Brown, The Last Dragon, Dolemite, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, and Shaft in Africa. We wrap it up by counting down our top five “fly” actors.

Hopefully by next week, I’ll put together the promo. We’ll drop it on the feed, and hopefully, get the word out about our show and it’s also community (that’s you, dude)

Next week is my theme, and my theme is Space Adventures. The next podcast will be released on or around February 29th, where we will review Serenity, The Last Star Fighter, Sunshine, Galaxy Quest, Explorers, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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PalmerEldritch said...

me and Nic Cage are listening.

Nic Cage and I are listening. there, that's better.

Chris JC said...

Nice one, Palmer.

And Netflix DOES have The Beast Must Die.

Check it out!

MB said...

HEEEYYYY there! Thanks for the shoutout Emily! (yes I'm finally listening to this one)

Mac and PC.....hmmmmm. I think he's already involved with a Macbook but you never know ;)

Are you guys still doing a show on SPACE films next. If I were to send in an mp3 - what subject matter should I be addressing?

MB said...

by "this one" in that last post I mean this episode - I'm a little behind on my podcast listening this week :/

Cue the Film Podcast said...

Dont' worry MB. i'm subscribvbed to 66 really, and i enver catch up.

Well, if you read the frakin shownotes that I wrote in my own blood, MB (tehehehe), ye we're doing my theme space adventures. Really, we'd love to hear anything you have to say, but I think we're going to ahve a pretty interesting debate about 2001, and the film sunshine. I'll geek out on Serenity for 9898689 minutes, and then we'll move to Last star fighter and Explorers

Really, feel free to talk about what you can I embarrass Chris for still not sending in the file I need to o make this bloody promo lol.

MB said...

Shownotes in blood?!?!?! Wow, i didn't quite understand the depth of your commitment to this podcast.

Emily said...

No one understands me, MB haha..great, did that sound emo? hehehe

rage10586 said...

hey mb thanks for listening and you to palmer

rage10586 said...

well blockbuster must suck. There is a local video store called wild and wolly that has EVERY movie i have wanted to see. Was thinking about going down there to see if they have it. They have like 300 turkish movie remakes all the mst3k ect.

rage10586 said...
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rage10586 said...

our forum is up now at

Trevor McFur said...

Chris, when I picked Sam Jackson as one of my overrated actors, I had no ides that you had already picked him as one of your faves (although, I have to admit, I wasn't quite sure if you guys were listing your top 5 actors, top 5 black actors, or what). Funny enough, even though I have Samuel L. Jackson listed as one of my top overrated actors, I'd also list him as one of my top UNDERrated actors too.

So there's lots of films nowadays that are obviously targeted towards black audiences ('Are We There Yet', 'Tyler Perry Presents...'). Are these NOT considered blaxploitation because they steer away from stereotypes? Because they're made by blacks and not whites? I don't know the answer to these questions, and haven't seen any of the movies I've mentioned, but you guys made me wonder.

BTW, I've not seen any of the earlier films you guys mentioned, but 'Jackie Brown' is a wonderful film; great performances all around, especially by Pam Grier and Robert Forster (might be spelling or even misremembering his name there). Agreed that it's Quentin's most mature film. What's also fun is that they cross over with 'Out of Sight', which was released around the same time, but is a completely separate film. And 'I'm Gonna Get You Sucka' is pure hilarity from start to finish. I'd mark it as the Wayans brothers artistic high point.

Enough rambling ... I need to get caught up so that I can comment on current shows!

Chris JC said...

Was Sam one of our "flyest" actors? The thing with Jackson, though, is that - to me at least - he's somehow immune from criticism in the same way that Sean Connery is - you're just watching them basically Do Their Thing.

I was going to add De Niro and Michael Caine to that but De Niro has only really become samey lately (because he gets hired as "Robert De Niro"rather than as "an actor") whereas Michael Caine has managed to let his senior years put him into wider roles than a chirpy bloke. He's jolly good fun as the father in Nora Ephron's version of Bewitched (yes - I have seen this), he's probably Batman's sassiest ever Alfred and he's a standout element of Children of Men (which is a film full of standout elements).

I think really the largest difference between blaxpoitation and modern films for a black audience is time, and also that largely they had a largely familiar formula - gritty violent drama, black hero (often a pimp or dealer) kept down by The Man etc. It's not exactly Little Man. So, intentional or otherwise it's a genre rather than a simple description of the intended audience. By and large, as well, it's a description only of these films from the 1970s.

In Escape from New York, if Snake Plissken had been played by say, Roscoe Ormon, and it'd been made about five years earlier it would probably be thought of as a Blaxpoitation film. Especially once Isaac Hayes shows up in his Blingmobile.

Once you get to the gritty urban dramas like Boyz N the Hood, the term is long dead. Jackie Brown is a fairly notable exception as it very much modelled itself on that area of cinema.

Ooh, get me waffling on like I know what I'm on about. Glad you're enjoying, Trv0rz. I don't think anyone has powered through CTF at this rate before.

Have I started mentioning how much I love Herbie yet?

Trevor McFur said...

I look at Jackie Brown as more of an homage to blaxploitation, not necessarily a continuation of the genre. It really is a good film, one that I like more and more as time goes on.

I was a little disappointed that you guys didn't discuss 'Blacula'! :)

Chris JC said...

Surely I get points for The Beast Must Die?