Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cue the Film 05 - Space Cases

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It's time for some Space Adventures. Join Steph, Chris, John, and I as we journey into the deep black, where no one can hear you podcast.

We kick things off with Galaxy Quest, then we have a very interesting debate about 2001. Just before things seem too dark, we take a wild ride into Explorers. And, speaking of 2001, we talk about Sunshine, where we discover that John likes to eat pee.

Mmmmm pee

We take a turn into Last star fighter, and wrap it all up with a Browncoat fest--Serenity. Of course, its not a episode without our top five. This time we count down our top five Spaceships.

Our Next podcast will be released on or around March 12th. It's Steph's turn, and she has picked the theme of period pieces. We will review the new film, the Other Boleyn Girl, Blazing Saddles, Elephant man, Elizabeth, The Assassination of Jessie James By the Coward Robert Ford, and Topsy turvy We will also count down our top five periods in time that make good films.

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Stephanie said...

No Berlin. It's Boleyn.

Chris JC said...

Steph beat me to this comment.

Remember to keep an ear out for my generic American accent before the music begins.

Stephanie said...

Yay, Ems fixed it!

Emily said...

Yeah its just those who read the show notes are going to be confused unless they download it again later, sorry about that. I know filmspotting was supossed to review it today

Stephanie said...

Sadly, they didn't.

Stephanie said...

John, I made you an administrator over on the forum.
Ems, you need to join the forum. If you d, I'll make you an admin too.

rage10586 said...

thanks steph

Stephanie said...

I'm watching Galaxy Quest. I love Allan Rickman.

Chris JC said...

"By Grabthar's Hammer, what a saving(s)."

rage10586 said...

are doing th eoriginal ro the remake of the other boyln girl

Chris JC said...

I'm assuming the new Bana-Portman-Johansson version.

Also - LoveFilm are sending out Topsy-Turvy today so I may be able to back John up with that, as well as doing The Elephant Man

Emily said...

really? I can't find it anywhere, so ya'll are going to have to discuss topsy turvy. I hope I ge Jessie James tomorrow

Chris JC said...

Topsy-Turvy on Netflix

MB said...

Finally listened - THANKS for another shoutout! You guys were hilarious this episode.

Really enjoyed th 2001 discussion, it covered most of my thoughts and my divided opinion about it. I think with Kubrick's movies you either are able to get past the emotional ice, and sometimes lack of robust narrative, or you can't. This is why I found it such an odd pairing when Speilberg finished A.I. b/c I have a hard time thinking of two directors who could be more unalike in the type of storytelling they do.
But as soon as I say that, I think of Close Encounters and I always thought that had a Kubrickness to it. So I don't know.
I did like A.I. though - I thought it ended up working suprisingly well for having two such different (and HUUUUUGE directors) involved.

This brings me to what Mac would like to say - he wants you to do A.I. films (suprise suprise) - you know, robots, computers, androids, cyborgs. I tried to tell him you probably have your fill of Sci-Fi for now, but he's such a whiner!

Chris JC said...

I'd go for that. But what would I cover bearing in mind my penchant for the lesser known or for unloved sequels?

Probably Futureworld and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Or how about Prototype?

Emily said...

Are fill of scifi? Are you frkaing kidding me, mb? Are you fraking kidding me? Do you know who I am? I can NEVER get enough of scifi. Dude, thats so going to be a theme. If not from me, somebody else will. In fact, that'll be next theme...unless you want to come on the show as a guest reviewer and do it hahahaha

Terminator 3? Of course, because we can not do the second one, thats just way to popular (No I' being serious lol. When it comes to trilogies, you can't pick the Empire strikes back of the series, unless your going to do all three films)

Flawedprefect said...

You know I JUST tuned in after all this time!? My iPod revived itself and now am really looking forward to listening in on some movie banter. Last Star Fighter!? Oh I have some things to say 'bout that one...

Oh and Ems, you know that code word you have to type in to approve the comment? Well it was "emljzfz" Which is how you spelt your name once. Funny.

MB said...

I could probably send something review-ish in (i.e. record something). Should I: just pick a film, do a top 5 list, wait and weigh in on the films you guys are talking about? What would you guys prefer?

Chris JC said...

First - Flawedprefect: marvellous name. You are Paul, are you not? I find it increasingly strange that I've never spoken to you, especially having been on 3 Heroes a few times now.

MB - we're running with the AI idea, although Mac may be disappointed that it's skewed more towards robotics than computers per se.

If you wanted to chip in, we could play in a recording or - heck - probably even Skype you into proceedings if you have that possibility.

elias said...

I like your avatar Chris but not as much as Elizabeth Mitchell's avatars.

Trevor McFur said...

Great show this week guys. I've never seen 2001 ... it's something that's in my queue, but haven't quite gotten around to renting it yet.

Explorers I loved when I was a kid ... kind of makes me want to rent it again, but I'm afraid that it'll be a letdown after all the years in between.

Serenity is a very good film, but I think that it's way overhyped by the Browncoats. I was a Firefly fan, too, for the record, but I didn't think that the movie was in the same league as the show. I have a theory as to why it's hyped as being SO good, which is, Firefly is a show that was cancelled too soon and left an insanely loyal following. These folks are pretty much 100% responsible for giving Firefly new life on the big screen ... so they can't even conceive that the movie might just be another decent sci-fi film, and not one of the greatest of all time. My 2 cents.

My own top 5 favorite starships:

5) Nostromo, Aliens (can't believe neither of the Alien films were discussed in detail by you guys (in my mind, Alien 3 & 4 never happened))

4) Super Star Destroyer (I loved this when I was a kid ... thought it was so much more bad-ass than the Death Star)

3) The Enterprise (yeah, it's cliche, but it's The Enterprise for god's sake ... it has to make the list)

2) The Mothership, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (it plays music!)

1) The Millenium Falcon (again, I know it's cliche, but if someone put a gun to your head and you could only pick one spaceship to get the job done, no one in their right mind would pick anything besides the Falcon. It did the Kessel in less than 12 parsecs! Can any other ship make that claim? Growing up, I didn't know a kid on the block who didn't have a Millenium Falcon toy)