Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cue the Film 06 - Periods of my Pieces

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It's that time of two weeks people, and Chris, John, Steph, and that other chick who just so happens to be writing these shownotes take a journey through time and discuss period pieces--the not so red kind.

Steph brings us a review of The Other Boleyn Girl, and we prove that I have no heart when I debate the skill of Elizabeth.

It's a all thumbs up for the Assassination of Jessie James (and I'm in the middle of it now, and its awesome!), but not before, we dig into the awesome blazing saddles. We wrap up take a look at the Elephant man

We close shop with a new segment called....well we don't have a name for it . But, basically,s someone bring sup a topic and we discuss it. We will do this every other episode, and every other other episode, the person who picks the episode's themes will get to do their own top five.

Our next show will be released on or around March 28th. Chris has picked the theme on MB's suggestion, "A.I" films. We will review Prototype
Heart beeps, Blade Runner Robocop
metropolis (1927(, Futreoma: Bender's Big score. Chris will also count down his top'll be a surprise.

That's really just another phrase for we have no idea what his top five will be.

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elias said...

Vincent Cassel is the biggest film star in France, incredible in La Haine and Dobermann and the lucky bastard married Monica Bellucci.

I particularly enjoyed the new 'segment' peeps.

Stephanie said...

Is he still married to The Bellucci? Whoever he is, I really like him.

MB said...

I'm such a late lame-o! I've got to get over to this blog more!
Steph finally hipped me to the fact that you guys took the A.I. idea - right on - can't wait to hear.

I will send a recording in. I have an idea of what to talk about - we'll see if i've got anything close to the film-smarts to be able to make it sound like I know what I'm talking about :/

Cue the Film Podcast said...

whisper: hey....hey mb......we record on monday we'd love to ehar from you by monday on hahahahaaah

MB said...

Just dropped you guys an email (as my eyes begin to shut involuntarily)- I can't stay awake to record anything tonight :(
I'm going to record something in the next day or two - let me know if it can or can't be included - - SORRY for my lame-o tardiness!

Trevor McFur said...

I'm moving right along with your back episoded folks. I remember seeing The Elephant Man as a kid ... if I remember correctly, we watched it on TV, and some of the neighbors came over to watch too. This would have been in the days before VCRs, so we were either watching it on broadcast television, or on primitive cable (we didn't get a VCR until I was around age 11, but we did have an early cable channel or two). But anyway, the fact that we watched it in a communal setting has always made it feel like an important film to me. The only other film that I have a similar memory of is the original Star Wars (back when it was just called 'Star Wars', not SWEIV:ANH).

I watched Jesse James recently ... I liked it, but found it slow. It was something that I had to watch over the course of 3 nights because I kept falling asleep during it. I love the music in that film ... it really contributes to the dream-like feeling that Steph mentioned.

And Blazing Saddles is Brooks' 2nd best film. Number 1, imo, is Young Frankenstein, another period film, and possibly the funniest movie ever made. Blazing Saddles, though, contains maybe the funniest line ever.