Sunday, April 6, 2008

Film Splice - They Live!

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It's time for a Film Spice like no other. Join Emily, John, and Stephen from the 99 points podcast as we discuss the 1988 Cult Classic, They Live!

We laugh, we cry, we discuss deep social commentary, and we may just be wearing pants during this one...but we're probably not.

We are joiend by friend of the podcast, Stephen from 99 Points Podcast
, check them out!

Theme music, once again, was graciously provided byBeatnik Turtle.

So sit back, and enjoy.


Chris JC said...

I should send you other guys the super fast short "Splice" version of the Beatnik Turtle music for future use.

I really love They Live and it was tough to resist coming on here, but I didn't want there to be too many people on and I wanted to hear it as a finished article.

Stephanie said...

Very good episode, guys. I didn't realize They Live could be so deep.
I am a Gen-Xer.

Stephanie said...

I'd say Chris and I are Gen-Xers.
Emily and John are Gen-Yers.

Chris JC said...

So THAT's why I'm so cynical, jaded and cool.

Time to break out the Soundgarden albums.

elias said...

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass - and I'm all out of bubblegum"

Good discussion Film Splicers - your guest was interesting and John sounded like he had finally escaped from that tin can.

That's some avatar Steph - Vinz is badass.

Stephanie said...

He is hot even though his head is shaped like a lightbulb.

Chris JC said...

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the term "public school" refers to fee-charging independent secondary schools. The earliest known reference to a "public school" dates from 1364, when the Bishop of Winchester wrote concerning "the public school" at Kingston in his diocese. The term public then distinguished between education in a school generally provided by a church and open to public applicants, and education in a private household as was then usual in aristocratic families.

What you would know as a "public school" is what we would know as "state school".

Generation X is a BIT of a blind, at least in terms of similar points of reference, as it covers a large span of years. People even a year older than you will have completely different memories of things they saw on TV before the age of five.

Also, being from a different culture I WILL have different points of reference. Like most of my countrymen I can talk at length about imported US television shows, but I don't expect any of you to be able to get into a big nostalgic discussion about Bod, Look and Read or Pob's Programme.

Elias - did you prefer Cosmo or Dibs on You and Me?

And finally, the only thing that "They Live" is anti is capitalism.

Stephanie said...

The thing about us Gen Xers is we have no important, global incident to tie us all together. The baby-boomers have WW2, our parents have Vietnam/counter-culture, the young folks have Sept 11/Iraq War. Nothing special happened in the 80's or 90's. That's why we stand apart.

Chris JC said...

That's why over here we used to make our own entertainment.

So after all that practice, we got pretty good at it.

L.A. ain't got nothin' on us, clearly.

I'm so far from being proud of this country. Don't let any of us tell you that we're more civilised than you are.

Oh, and F*ck Tha Police.

elias said...

Cosmo or Dibs on You and Me?

It's too long ago to remember details like that but Gary Wilmot used to live round the corner.

"That's the best full English breakfast I've had since Gary Wilmot's wedding"

Chris JC said...

"I would have that three times a day if I could… but… I’d be dead!"

Flawedprefect said...

OOH OOH - when are you guys gonna do the early films of Peter Jackson!? Now THERE'S something I could really get into. Nothing like a a bit of dead-alive (braindead) or Bad Taste. Meet the feebles would DEFINITELY be one for past Emily's bedtime, however.

Chris JC said...

Sodomyyyyy, you might think it very odd of meeeeeeee....

Paul, have you seen the film Malcolm starring Colin Friels? If so, I could get into an Anglo-Australian Splice for that one.

Emily said...

Paul,, how old do you think I am/ i'll give you a hint, 18 lol

Chris JC said...

That's one hell of a hint.

Flawedprefect said...

the clue 18...

I give up, Emily.

Yes, I have seen Malcolm. Great Aussie film, tho one of the forerunners which made Aussies think they needed to be "quirky" in order to be successful as an Australian film.

We have a phenomenon here called "cultrural cringe" where the Aussieness is a bit "on the nose".

You can see most films that are victim to this by counting how many times typical australian slang is used... or better yet, throw some snags on the barbie, call round a couple a' sheilas, have a pissup with ya bonza mates.

Chris JC said...

What you on abaht? We ain't got nuffink like that, geezer.

I bloody love Malcolm, see. i'd be well up talking that. Especially as I'd probably go on about Bud Tingwell for at least a couple of mins

john dimery said...

hey steph when i think of gen xers i think of the scene, well actually the whole episode of the simpsons called homerpalooza
there is a like where one guy szys to another, guy 1:there's the guy who gets hit with a cannon ball, heeee's cool
gyu 2:are you being serious
guy 1:I don't even know anymore

john dimery said...

hey steph you guys did have something importnt happen, the fall or communist russia, and the fall of the berlin wall... gee that is funny to say fall of the wall

john dimery said...

ok i did not know that flawed perfect was paul hey paul mane steph and ems are CRAZY i do not know how you put up with them so long. LOL