Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We have some sad news. The spam bots of Nicolis Cage killed our awesome phone number.

But its okay, because, in five minute, we got a new line.

Just don't call the old number. Well, you can call the old number, but it ain't gonna work.

Call us, right now, about anything. Only you can save us from spambots.



Flawedprefect said...

It appears I am going to have to use this wonderful line some day... or just record myself and send you an mp3. Will that suffice? Or are you all format-ist?

Emily said...

whatever you sned us mp3 or phone, wll be played Pul lol

Chris JC said...

Paul - yesterday I had cause to see some episodes of Summer Heights High that a friend brought over. In return I showed him some Kath & Kim series 4 which he hadn't seen (vast improvement on 3).

Summer Heights High is pretty damned good, too. Apparently it's been bought by one of our terrestrial digital channels, so I'm looking forward to that.

We should do a minisode - I suggest calling it "Pul & Chirs".

Stephanie said...

Pul- ha, that's funny.

I think we're getting Kath and Kim this fall. What's it about?

Flawedprefect said...

...Pul and Chirs. We could be characters in a bad 1980s fantasy flick... or a Richard Corben graphic novel. ONLY GOOGLE THE LATTER if you are over 18. Emyli.

Summer Heights High is the second series by commedian Chris Lilly, who was also responsible for a brilliant series called "We can be heroes" about the runners up in the Australian of the Year competition. If you found Summer Heights High funny, you will love this other one more.Yes, minisode would be terrific.

Chris JC said...

Steph - I don't know how widely (if at all) the original Kath & Kim has been shown in the US. I believe you'll be getting the US version with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair.

Paul - I was somewhat sceptical about Summer Heights High to start with but warmed to it almost immediately. If We Can Be Heroes is of the same quality as the other series then I'd like to see that too.

As for Riley & Turner and related shows, I need to see more of that. We've got Big Girl's Blouse, but no Fast Forward or D Generation. Oh, and I still want to own Russell Coight's All-Aussie Adventures even though it's a little broad.

Flawedprefect said...

Boy - you're up-to-date with your Aussie TV lore, there, matey.
To try and touch on similar brit-coms of my knowledge, care to do a Red Dwarf special, or is that going in too much of an alternate direction?

Chris JC said...

I don't mind so much - especially as Naylor still occasionally talks about making a film version.

As you say, it might be a bit out of the remit - but then I've talked about doing one about a very specific TV movie before, so I reckon we can throw it open.

Oh and, erm, The Sullivans.

Flawedprefect said...

Oh tha old chestnut - the red dwarf movie will never get made .Chris Barrie gets older and more praty every passing day; the guy who plays lister - isn't he in and out of jail? Last we saw the Cat was in a guy ritchie film... or was it Blade II? It'll be the Robert Lewellyn show, really. Ever see the shocking American remake pilot of red dwarf?

Chris JC said...

I've only seen clips of it. There's one good line in what I saw, regarding how Kryten has kept himself occupied for three million years:

"I've been reading that EXIT sign over there, sir"

Craig Charles had some drug probs recently but he's sorted again for now, and as for Danny John Jules...

I'm lookin'... DANGEROUS!

Chris JC said...

Bloody hell!

Turns out there might be a Red Dwarf special after all!