Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cue the Film 07 - Here Comes the Robots

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It has been a active few weeks with the cue the film podcast, with two minisodes, the guys sit down to record another regular episode.

We discuss four films this week. We open up with Robocop, and then, everyone dives in for a great discussion on Bender's Big Score. We go right into Heart beeps, and wrap up the reviews with A.I

But we still have plenty to do. We read some email, and the boys from the 99 Points Podcast give us some ideas for the final segment.

For the new segment, "Final Cut", Chris cuts down his top five intelligent computers.

Special thanks to the awesome segment submitted by MB! You're going to love it!

Promos for this episode were graciously provided by
The Adventures of Indiana Jim,and The Process Diary

Our next episode will be released on or around April 11th. Our theme will be Zucker Films. We will review Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane, Top Secret!, BASEketball, Naked Gun, and Rat Race,

Look out for one or two Film Spice between now and the 11th!

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Chris JC said...


I should have been more ready to defend RoboCop. Boo on me.

Chris JC said...

Oh, yes:


Chris JC said...

HEY! MB's section made the final cut.

Wicked style - I'll stop posting one message after another now.

Stephanie said...

I was becoming increasingly sick while recording.

Cue the Film Podcast said...

Are you feeling any better now, steph?

Hey Chris, get ready to defend the end of rat race for our next recording, okay? lol

I'm going to see Top Secret! tomorrow, I'm very excited lol

MB said...

w00t! Thanks for including my big fat seg....I mean - my recording (avoiding a TWSS) ;) AND thanks for the kind intro Emily :)

Awesome podcast as usual folks!
LMAO @melonfarmers - little did the censors of Die Hard know they were potentially sending viewers to the website of an anti-censoship organization. Beautiful - lmao (again) :D

Will have more to say when I am less fatigued (no idea when that will be - lol).

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sending in the segment, mb. Perfect!
Emily, I thought you'd edit out me taking the chicken out of the oven.:)

Chris JC said...

Melonfarmers is a good site to look at.

The UK version of Die Hard With a Vengeance was mildly cut, but also the worldwide print was trimmed down in a Die Hard 4.0 style. Check it!

Emily said...

well the the thing.......I liked it when chris said that your coming over there to kick Johns a**.....somethings you just grow attached to. But man, I took out alot of crap from robocop lol (mostly me saying pointless things)

john dimery said...

hey mb we should do an opening of ctf together with pc and mac. it would be awesome

elias said...

AI is a bit of a guilty pleasure - the world is well realised and there are some good performances. The scenes at Cybernetics with William Hurt, the "flesh fair" and the 2000 year transition are all memorable.

Greatest living director - it's hard to look beyond Spielberg or Scorsese.

I'm enjoying the film splices and the regular show, peeps.

- Nic Cage

Flawedprefect said...

Congratulations, Chris, on sporting the worst behaved children in the world. I suppose it's only because you stopped shipping them down under to Oz, that you had nowhere else to put them but in school.

Hey ho, it's a funny old life, eh?

Chris JC said...

I take no responsibility for those kids.

Or the behaviour of white imperialists over 200 year ago.

But I *do* take responsibility for not warning you that the Melonfarmers site contains NSFW advertising. Just try not to click it and you should be grand.

Paul - the more I see of your talents across the web-o-verse, I realise more and more that I shouldn't attempt to do anything. Excellent.

Cue the Film Podcast said...

Chris, you kick butt at at the triangle lol

Stephanie said...

I've been goofin around with the forum. Check it out.

Flawedprefect said...

And Chris, even if you're just an expert on Joy Division, and not all of music... I bought that you were an all-round George Martin clone. I couldn't talk crap about music. Except to rip on Britney Spears and co.

Trevor McFur said...

Another good episode guys. I always took RoboCop's over-the-top violence to be a bit of a parody.

I know it's not a real popular film, but I enjoyed A.I. HJO is really excellent, and gives the role just the right amount of creepiness. And to be extremely nitpicky, aren't the creatures at the end supposed to represent advanced humans, not aliens?

I was hoping that you guys would review 'Metropolis'. It's on my list of 'films to see because I think that I should see them, but deep down don't think that I'll enjoy all that much.'

How can Emily say that she loves Kubrik 2 or 3 weeks after she trashes 2001????!?!

Chris: Peeps.