Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Film Splice - The Bank Job

It's Splice time again, kids. In preparation for this week's episode proper of Cue the Film, the two unstoppable talkers, Emily and Chris combine forces to bring you up to speed on the stylish, exciting and possibly true events of "The Bank Job", still showing on some screens.

Also discussed: plague, military fratricide, fried chicken and the 1666 Great Fire of London - clearly, it's time to let the party begin.

Click HERE to listen to The Bank Job.


Chris JC said...

I'm gonna have to keep an eye on whether this hits iTunes properly as I've made a silly error somewhere that might affect it.

Here's hoping all goes well and you can enjoy.

(The download link certainly does work, though!)

Emily said...

I know your problem , Chirs, You said it was made on feb. 25th. If you look downt through th e feed, you can find it but itunes links to update the most recent episode. I'm reuploading now....the link will still work until i manage to fix the feed heheheeh

Stephanie said...


Chris JC said...

I knew what the problem was - if it wasn't so late I'd have re-upped it. Hope you enjoy the show, especially since the removal of those three hours of Anglo-American argument about wars.

Also I didn't put any music on the podcast so feel free to listen to Get it On by T. Rex after it's finished.