Sunday, July 13, 2008

Indiana Jones - A CTF Splice

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John and Emily are joined by Jim from The Adventures of Indiana Jim, Jack Jaffee, from the adult content and really fraked up and addicting podcast novel 12 Volt Theater and Tosus from The Der Geek Podcast for an hour of fun and adventure. We present to you the long awaited..well by me....films Splice about the best film trilogy plus one ever....Indiana Jones! Friends, arch rivals, heroes of the podisphere, and random dudes come together to discuss...well...Indiana Jones.

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Flawedprefect said...

Can I say - BEST EPISODE ever. This was awesome. Loved the talk about Russian commies/nazis. Indiana Jones films always worked on the slim premise that the Nazis - like Hitler - were into the occult. That's why they were always searching for Judeo-Christian relics.

But I could on and on and on and on about Nazi history (national socialists enlisting a spokesperson to shake things up; end up being the exact opposite of the true politics of the party but hey when you're up you're up).

But I won't. As always - big listener.

Stephanie said...

Who edited the splice? Sounds good.

Why didn't Raiders get an R? Spielberg owns the MPAA or something.

Red Dawn is awesome. I think they're remaking it!

john dimery said...

this episode was so much fun to record

Emily said...

oI did. I put it through the levaltor, but there are still problems with soem of the levals and sometimes the music at the start gets to loud over jacka nd John sorrry

Chris JC said...
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Chris JC said...

My wife has the following to say:

RACHEL JC: This was a surprisingly entertaining splice - surprising to me because,
while I enjoyed the three films in the series I've seen, I don't think of
myself as a huge Indy fan. Very nicely edited, too, whoever did it :)

Just wanted to chuck in this, though - Harrison Ford may have been lauded
for his 'willingness' to do much of his own stunt work, but it was the
mighty Vic Armstrong [who also stunt doubled for Christopher Reeve in
Superman and for various 007s in the Bond films, and now focuses on stunt
co-ordination] that was actually doing them much of the time.

Vic is also excellent because he's willing to humour his local paper with
stuff like THIS.

Stephanie said...

Good job, Ems.

Trevor McFur said...

Steph, it seems to me that it was a lot harder (twss) to get an 'R' rating 20 years ago than it is nowadays. I would bet that if 'Raiders' came out today it would be PG-13 (wasn't 'Temple of Doom' the reason for the PG-13 rating in the first place?).

Stephanie said...

Hollywood studios make PG-13 on purpose. With an R, your audience is limited. It's mostly teens buying tickets. That's why we get these crappy things that are supposed to be horror movies these days. With PG-13 you get to use the F word once to be edgy and yet you can sell it as a family movie too. Win-win for the studio. Hollywood sucks.

andrew. said...

- i just watched "Silent Running" this week. It's an apparent sci-fi classic that both Wall-E & Sunshine share similarities to.
I bring it up because it's rated G.
The 1972 film is a dystopian future that features murder, suicide, & nuclear bombs.
Very different standards indeed.

Chris JC said...

Temple of Doom is STILL cut in the UK because they went with a pg certificate. I think they could reclassify it as a 12 or 12a now and but the cut bits back in - but they haven't.

On a similar note, last night I watched a 1991 two-part episode of new Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat's original series Press Gang, a show aimed at young teens. This particular story had the offices of the junior newspaper where it is set held up by a masked gunman and culminates in one shooting injury and one death.

You wouldn't get that now. It was bloody amazng.

Trevor McFur said...

I was actually thinking about the ratings system recently ... I had watched 'The Hoax', and was shocked when I realized that it was rated R. The only reason that I could think as to why it was rated R was because of a maybe 2 second scene where Julie Delpy walks around with an open robe. That warrants an R? Strange.

I agree that PG-13 is the 'goal' rating for most summer films.

Chris JC said...

PG-13 horror movies suck ass (as they say).

Although Cursed is quite funny.

Jack said...

okay Guys and Gal how about a show of miss rated films or films that would have been better being an "r" or a "pg"?

MB said...

Nice episode - always love thought provoking conversation about one of my favorite film franchises (always attempt alliteration is my motto :) )

Good point re: Communists carrying less emotional impact as villain than the Nazis. The other thing I was thinking about that is "Crystal Skull" didn't seem to me to utilize what might have been terrifying about communism (or at least Soviet Communism) to make Cate Blanchett seem like more than a lone Nazi in a Soviet uniform. What I mean is that whereas in "Raiders" and "Last Crusade" it was really underscored WHY the villain was evil (particularly in Last Crusade with Henry Sr's speech about the dark forces - or some such term - winning over good), I just didn't feel that threatened by these guys. I know you can't roll out the Nazis for every Indy film, but I think a little more shading and development in the villain's background would have helped. However, I've only seen it once so far - so maybe I'm forgetting something?

For me, it would be pretty hard for any sequel/prequel to top Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Trevor McFur said...

I was listening to an old Smodcast yesterday, and one of them made the point that they'll never be able to recapture the feeling of the original Raiders because it was so unexpected the first time. Gotta agree with that ... it was such a well-done movie, and, at the time, was really something new and different (yeah, I know it was trying to capture the spirit of old-time serials).

No one can beat the Nazis in terms of pure villainy.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, nothing can beat Raiders.

I found a recorder that was free and maybe it won't interfere with wireless.

john dimery said...

hey everyone sorry about the long wait we ad recording issues this week, hopfully it will be up next week

Stephanie said...

Ideas for "Musicals turned into Movies"

Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Full Monty
The Wedding Singer
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Grey Gardens
Young Frankenstein
High Fidelity
Dance of the Vampires
Billy Elliott

Trevor McFur said...

I think that should be the other way around (Movies Turned into Musicals). Of course, nowadays we're starting to see Movies Turned into Musicals, then Back into Movies (Hairspray, The Producers).

Chris JC said...

I forgot about Carrie!

Also - High Fidelity: The Musical?

HEY! I've just realised this could finally be Emily's chance to talk about The Last Starfighter!

That right - The Last Starfighter: The Musical

Do you fancy recording that and sending it in Ems?

Also - will we get five minutes to cover Dr. Horrible?

Stephanie said...

We definitely need to talk about Dr Horrible.