Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dark Knight - A CTF Splice

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No main show this week but we have this one to hold you over one more week. This show features Steph, John, Emily and guest host Fran as we discuss the new film the Dark Knight


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john dimery said...

it has been up for a day and no one has posted

Trevor McFur said...

I think I chased everyone away.

Stephanie said...

We are fantastic. Aren't we?
Thanks Trev for joining us. You're invited back anytime.

Trevor McFur said...

Thanks Steph! I enjoyed it, definitely wouldn't mind a sequel.

Chris JC said...

I have now seen the film AND heard the Splice - good work. Trevor/Fran acquitted himself like a pro.

As stated in the splice, the Coens episode will follow on Friday and will indeed be super long.

Emily's guess of two hours may turn out to be a bit short of the mark.

elias said...

that was SeƱor McFur? Good stuff.

I don't really have much to add that hasnt been covered on the splice but....

It was darker than expected and had a nasty streak of black comedy that was much appreciated. I suppose the third act with the boats, etc. and the sonarvision could have been done better or just left out entirely but that's just me.

Heath Ledger actually put in a great performance - what to compare it to? Chigur was totally deadpan, Plainview had an epic arc, Nicholson's Joker was quite broad (but still dark). He reminded me more of a David Lynch villain.

Like others I enjoyed Gary Oldman's performance and was underwhelmed by Bale (maybe poorly written? I also think he's a genius in American Psycho and Rescue Dawn).

Not much to add, eh?

Stephanie said...

It's just nice to know you're still listening, Elias. Now, you have to come on the show.

Trevor McFur said...

You should go on Elias ... you and Chris can have a Brit-off.

The character that I think that Leder's was most like in spirit was maybe Hannibal Lecter.

elias said...

good one Trev.

Sometime before late September would be ideal but I'm still incredibly busy. It's also too hot at the moment to do anything other than sit in the garden drinking Pimms.