Friday, August 1, 2008

Cue the Film 15 - The Coen Brothers Special

Chris has some voice recording problems this week just as he, John, Stephanie, Tosus and special guest Cue Ball, David A. Dein try to condense the appeal of Joel and Ethan Coen into the space of two EPIC hours

Topics up for discussion include: whether or not The Ladykillers is a good film, whether Catherine Zeta Jones playing a money-grabbing harridan is a brave move, and whether No Country For Old Men should REALLY have won that Oscar...

Rejected names for this episode:

  • The Hudsucker Podcast
  • You Know, For Kids!
  • Casting Arizona
  • Intolerable Commentary
  • The Men, and Woman, Who Were There
  • The Keys of Marinus
  • Fred

Because sometimes, you just don't need a clever title.

Oh, and don't worry - there will be a place for Lebowski quoting. We like your style, dude.


john dimery said...

shoudl we list the movies that we are reviewing next week?

Stephanie said...

What are we doing next week?
Little Shop of Horrors
Billy Elliot
Young Frankenstein
Those are the ones I watched. What's else?
Let's be sure and tell the story of how the movie became a musical. For example, the Producers was so lucrative they decided to make another Mel Brooks movie a musical(Young Frankensein).

john dimery said...

are we doing the original and movie, even if the musicl is only on broadway, because if that is the case we can do spmalot/ monty python and the holy grial

Chris JC said...

Guess we need to askTosus what the rules are for the selection. Many of the ones listed have not been filmed in their musical forms.

Stephanie said...

I also watched Grey Gardens.

Chris JC said...

If Grey Gardens is what I think it is, it's supposed to be excellent. I still mourn the loss of Jim Steinman's proposed Batman musical, though it did lead to the creation of the best song on Bat Out of Hell III ("In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King").

I still fantasise about winning a fortune and putting on a stage version of Phantom of the Paradise.

Alirio said...

Great show you guys.

I enjoyed listening to your thoughts about Raising Arizona, one of my top 10 films.

MB said...

Did I hear Emily mention wanting to do Doctor Who movies for the time travel episode?

S**T - do an entire ep (OK maybe a companion splice to the time travel ep) just on Doctor Who - PLENTY to talk about!

Chris JC said...

Doctor Who is clearly your guest slot episode, MB. Especially the Paul McGann one.

Chris JC said...


I'm writing my first blog for work in ages and have realised how much you'd probably like Hope and Glory

Stephanie said...

Hope and Glory looks like it would be right up my alley.

What movies are we doing next?
TimeCop- for real?

Trevor McFur said...

Haven't listened to this ep yet, but I think that I'm already looking forward to next week ... Young Frankenstein may be my favorite film comedy of all time, and is probably in my top 6 or 7 films of all time; I saw the stage show with the wife last winter (it was so-so). I also really like the Rick Moranis/Steve Martin Little Shop of Horrors, and saw the show on Broadway (& in Philly) maybe 3 or 4 years ago.

Yes I'm straight.

elias said...

fantastic recommendation Chris. I loves me some Boorman.

Stephanie said...

Here's my favorite Time Travel movies...

Donnie Darko
13 Going on 30
Twelve Monkeys

Is this the Doctor Who movie we're watching?

Chris JC said...

That is the one I was going to do with MB and anyone else who wanted to be on as a Splice (check back through the history of this blog to see the germ of that idea). The Doctor Who films (and, heck, Doctor Who in general) aren't REALLY about time travel. It's a means to an end, but it isn't what the stories are ABOUT (or you'd get a lot more Star Trek style fiddling with time in order to fix things that have gone wrong... like happens in the TV movie.)

The other two Doctor Who films (which are so far outside of being canon, it's untrue) are:

Dr. Who and the Daleks


Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD

Heard some radio comedy last night which featured a retelling of The Three Musketeers, featuring:

Pathos and

elias said...

is CZ-J really that bad an actress? I always thought she was one of our better exports.

Stephanie said...

I just went through her imdb and it appears I do not like any of her movies except for maybe High Fidelity.

elias said...

The Darling Buds of May? It's a British classic, sort of. And Traffic was a great film.

Has she been on Inside the Actors Studio?