Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cue the Film 23 - I Drink Your Anime!

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Emily had to fight many a dragon to come and bring you all this episode devoted to Anime. So, with the new released date being Friday, and the Empire Strikes Back coming to you this Friday, you might want to know what we talk about in this one.

In this show we discuss Grave of the Fireflies, Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away, and Akira.

Today's promo was graciouly provided by Tuning Into Scifi TV

Our next show will be released on or around Dec. 19th. It will bed the theme of, "Films with really long titles:"

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1 comment:

Flawedprefect said...

All your podcast are belong to me. Ok science team GO.

I actually haven't listened to this yet, but I look forward to a rollicking good time, ah!