Saturday, December 13, 2008

Star Wars (5 of 6) The Empire Strikes Back! - A CTF Splice

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Here we go again, as the warm and fuzzy panel comes to your living room to share a little chat about the Empire Strikes back.

Follow us as we discuss how scary that famous bounty hunter really is, learn the right way to say "I am your father", and find out what man makes every straight man gay! All of this and more, on the penultimate episdoe of the Star Wars Series!

The panel of geeks this week are Emily and John, Justin and Ben from the Fused Film and Geekland Podcasts, TD0013 from A Different Point of View, Donald from Donald is Lost and the re-opening the X-files Podcasts, and Adele from 3 Chicks and a Mic Fringe Dwellers and Sarah Dessen Diaries

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Flawedprefect said...

One thing I must point out about the "I love you/I know" Scene. Lucas has originally written it "I love you too" and Ford was directed to speak the line, but he said to the director "Han wouldn't say that" and that's how "I know" was born.