Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Last Dragon - A CTF Splice

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Strap those headphones on tight folks, its time for yet another CTF Splice. Join the Cue Ball crew of two this time as John is joined by guest host Robin fro the The Trivia War Podcast and the Wcked Awesome Podcast/

After all, they are pretty wicked awesome aren't you laughing?

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1 comment:

Flawedprefect said...

I got my hands on this film shortly after hearing your podcast. Oh. My. GOD. Cult film? Perhaps... love interest with freaky eyes; a younger brother who is telling his older bro how to get moves on a girl; and the all-time LOL phrase of all time to describe a kung-fu Brotha who dresses oriental: Chocolate-covered yellow peril. My wife is still laughing.

If there ain't a Blaxploitation spin-off from this... or have you already gone there?

As always - great show.