Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Memento Cut - Cue the Film 28 - Films with Nonlinear Plots

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WARNING: This is a Memento cut. Not only is this version about nonlinear films, it also features nonlinear movie reviews. But for a less brain-hurting experience, stay tuned for the regular linear episdoe tomorrow.

Emily, John, and Tosus are joined by Robert and Jack Jaffee (for the first time in almost a year!) to discuss films with Nonlinear Plots. They talk about Premonition, Jacob's Ladder, Sliding Doors Existenz, Groundhog Day, Following, The Machinist, and Memento

This edition also features a nonlinear podcast. Yeah, its crazy. But, tomorrow we will have a linear episode about nonlinear films. Go figure!

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