Sunday, May 24, 2009

Star Trek (2009) - A CTF Splice

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Its a full house as Justin, Robert, and Ryan return to join Tosus and Emily for a discussion of the new Star Trek Film. Of course expect some of them to geek out about Star Trek, while debating how time travel works in Back to the Future II.

Give us a call at 206-666-3508 or feel free to email us at Thanks for listening, and have a great week!

Most of the background music on this podcast is from the podshow music netowrk. These songs include,
Rip My Heart Out by The Pistol Whipper Snappers
Fly Me to the Moon by Danny Fong
Scott Who? by 37Hz
Spiral Song by 37Hz
El Viento by Justin Gordon
Merry Xmas Natalie and Kathleen by Danny Fong

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